2021 Ohio SlamForce – Grant – 14U

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Head Coach Carrie Grant

Ohio SlamForce – Grant – 14U

#PlayerPositionGrad YearGPAHigh SchoolCommitment
2Haidyn Bunker2B, SS, UTL20263.5Chardonuncommitted
4Maria WalderOF, UTL2025-Marlingtonuncommitted
5Baylor Grant3B, OF2025-Jacksonuncommitted
6Lilliana SutkowyP, 1B20264.0Mogadoreuncommitted
7Bella BarrSS, C20254.0Lakeuncommitted
9Solena DeJesusP, 1B, OF20264.0South Rangeuncommitted
10Faith RoseC, UTL2026-Greenuncommitted
11Madison AhbelC, UTL20254.2Lakeuncommitted
15Avery ContiniP, 3B, 1B20254.0Doveruncommitted
16Josie Milliken2B, SS20253.9West Branchuncommitted
22Peyton UryP, SS, UTL20254.2Lakeuncommitted